My approach

Exhausted? Anxious? Confused? Sad? Guilt-ridden? Are you under the impression that you have tried everything, and, despite your very best efforts, you repeatedly encounter the same difficulties? At times, life puts us to the test, and sometimes, alone, we fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One thing is certain though: You and I have but one life, and you are the only person with whom you will spend, for sure, every day until the very end. Consequently, there is nothing more essential than befriending yourself, and taking good care of this friend. If you constantly face the same obstacles, it can be very helpful to see a psychologist in order to take a step back, take stock, and embark on an inner journey.

In the words of Milton E. Erickson: Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy. My work is all about helping you to tap into your inner resources; resources which you already possess somewhere deep inside of you. I guarantee you a respectful, safe and non-judgemental relationship. During the preliminary sessions, you will get to know my working methods, and I can evaluate whether or not I can help you. If we are to decide that we will work together, regular sessions (50 minutes each) become the norm. That said, I cannot tell you, how many sessions you will need, as I walk the pace of my fellow hiker.

My therapeutic approach is both integrative, existential and positive. I am deeply convinced that, over and above the treatment of disorders, it is key to draw on people’s individual resources. I am particularly interested in, and specially trained on the topics of depression, childhood trauma, disease, disease of a loved one (physical as well as mental), uprooting, burnout and work related problems, infertility, solo path to motherhood, perinatal bereavement, loss in general, LGBTIQ+, life changes and palliative care. Beyond psychopathology, I am interested in positive psychology and anything that can help us build a healthier and more peaceful existence. Yoga, meditation, Zen philosophy and gratefulness are among my personal sources of inspiration.

My background

I have lived in six countries across Europe (Portugal, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Belgium and England). After my graduation as a translator (ISTI), I decided to make my childhood dream come true: becoming a clinical psychologist (ULB) and subsequently a psychotherapist (GERCPEA, authorisation n° 2016.06.012/PSYCHO from the Collège Médical).

Day-to-day, I work in five languages (English, French, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Spanish), and I can look back on a rich and diverse professional career. I have several years of experience in ambulatory social psychiatry (Le Canevas, Réseau Psy Psychesch Hëllef Dobaussen), and I practiced half a decade at the Medical Service of the European Parliament. Moreover, I have worked at a psychiatric hospital, in my private practice (first at the Place d’Armes, then in Helmsange/Walferdange, now in Bofferdange/Lorentzweiler), with aspiring nurses and caregivers (LTPS), and, last but not least, in family planning counselling (Planning Familial). I am committed to continued professional development to increase my knowledge and skills. I have regular supervision and I can look back on about fifteen years of personal analytical psychotherapy. I abide by the Collège Médical’s Deontological Code for Psychotherapists, and I have been an active member of the Luxembourg Psychological Association (SLP) since 2007.

Practical information

I provide individual psychological consultation to adults. Appointments are given exclusively on the phone (+352 691 40 10 20). You will most probably reach my voice mail as I do not pick up the phone during consultation because I am giving my fullest attention to the person in front of me. Please leave your name and number (voice or text message), and I shall return your call as soon as possible.